Roman Twin Alphas' abused mate chapitre Chapitre 6

Zander’s POV

“Why don’t you get some more rest, then when you feel up to it you could join us downstairs for dinner.” I let go of her chin and hope I’m not pushing our luck.

“We can get some clothes brought here for you but for now, there is a T-shirt and sweatshirt here for you.” Christian hands her an item of clothing from each of us. It will be easier for her to realise she is ours if she gets used to our scent. She holds up my T-shirt as if checking the length and chuckles for the fist time. The sound is like honey balm for the soul, I want to hear her chuckle more often. My brother and I both look at her, wondering what’s funny.

“Thank you, these will probably come down to my knees.” Her smile gives me hope. Whatever the asshole put her through might not have entirely broken her spirit.

“Bathroom is through that door. Take your time.” I point at the door then Christian and I both stand to leave. I desperately want to kiss her, to smell her hair, scoop her off the bed and take her in the bathroom to look after her myself.

“Quit fantasising and leave already, or she will never come down.” Christian hisses over the mind link.

“I think we should call Lottie over for dinner, maybe she can find out what happened. Caleb can’t handle seeing her look at us like we are going to hurt her.” Our little sister is around the same age, she has an annoying talent for getting people to open up and bare their soul without them knowing. Goddess knows she has gotten inside our heads often enough. In all honesty, I think she is quite enjoying our inner turmoil, she has never seen us have to practise self restraint, having our mat right under our noses is proving to be a challenge unlike any other.

Liberty’s POV

The twins leave the room and I take a moment to gather myself. My toes sink into the pile of the soft carpet, it’s a stark contrast to the rough, rusty metal grid they have become accustomed to. Everything is so different here. Even the fresh pine smell that fills my head with every breath is overwhelming. Nothing like the stale sweat and cigar smoke that clung to the walls in Kendrick's dingy room.

The bathroom is huge, sliver marbled tiles on the wall glitter and glint. A tub big enough for 4 normal people stands in front of more floor to ceiling windows, the twins would probably almost fill it on their own. Grey stone steps, the width of the room, lead down to what I assume is the shower. There is no screen or tap, only a honeycomb series of holes in the ceiling. I have no idea how to turn it on. I don’t belong here, I can’t even work something as simple as a shower. I’ll just go and thank them for everything and leave. It’s for the best. If they really aren’t planning on sending me back, Kendrick will come for me, he never gives up when he has his sights set one something. Someone has already cleaned the blood off me and put me in a t-shirt. They must have seen everything, all the punctures , the welts from the chains, its humiliating, being so weak.

The stairs groan quietly as I make my way down. We can’t run forever, we don’t even know where to go. I won’t let you kill us. I push Justice to the back of my mind. She doesn’t know how cruel the world is, she wasn’t there when that chain tore my flesh and sprayed the walls with my blood or when he pinned me to the floor by my throat until I was sure my head would explode whilst he sank his teeth into my thighs. She doesn’t get to choose for me.

“That was quick little one.” Two pairs of eyes look over at me from the stove. The one with the scar, Alpha Zander, I think, slowly closes the distance between us. He treads lightly, like he is approaching a baby deer, making me feel like prey.

“Did you not want a shower, we thought it might help with the aching?” Christian asks. He has stopped stirring whatever is in the pot, the smell is indescribable, my mouth waters and hunger briefly overrides my decision to leave. Zander is close enough for the heat of his body to warm my own. He doesn’t touch me, only waits. His chest expands under the tight fitting black t-shirt, muscles and tattoos spill from the collar and sleeves. I thought Kendrick was intimidating in stature but he doesn’t compare to these two.

“I... erm.. I didn’t know how... to work it.” I look to the floor, my hair swings over my face, helping to hide the flush rising in my cheeks.

“Come, I’ll help you.” Alpha Zander holds his hand out to me. This isn’t the plan.

“Thank you for helping me. But I should leave. He will come for me and I can’t be here. He will tear your pack apart to get me back.” Alpha Zander lifts my chin with his finger, sparks fizz beneath my skin and my breath gets stuck behind the lump in my throat.

“Even Alpha Kendrick isn’t foolish enough to trespass here, as long as you are here, you are safe little one.” Alpha Christian growls from the other side of the room. Now he is angry, his eyes flash with fury and his knuckles turn white as he balls his fists at his sides. I can’t tear my eyes away from them, if I look away I won’t know where to prepare for the blows to land. It’s always easier to cope if I can see what’s coming. I hate the unknown, it didn’t take Kendrick long to realise my weakness and start blindfolded me during his assaults.


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