Roman UNDER THE MOONLIGHT chapitre Chapitre 1

PROLOGUE. Carlos and Shaila

Carlos - 18 years old

Shaila - 12 years old


"Did you say you made this?" I asked Shaila, holding the cinnamon bun in my hand. It was my second piece, and though I already knew she didn’t bake it, I still asked. I was giving her another chance, to tell the truth.

She nodded her head, her eyes beaming as she looked at me with her hands clasped behind her. "Did you like it? Or should I add or remove something?"

There was a bakery near their house that baked these buns, and I’ve been buying them there since... forever? So I knew where these came from the moment she showed me these. I initially thought I should tell her about it, but I changed my mind. Suddenly, I didn’t have the heart to hurt her 12-year-old’s heart.

Which I found strange. I was so used to being frank with her, crushing her confidence on certain occasions, but not today. Maybe tomorrow again.

I shrugged my shoulders before I answered her question. "Yes, they taste really good. Just perfect. Thank you."

"So, did you find your mate?" She asked almost immediately after I replied.

I almost choked on the pastry I was munching with her question as if she knew anything about mates.

My birthday was yesterday. I turned 18, and for shifters like me, it was the moment we were all waiting for when we could finally scent our mate. But I wasn’t sure if I was one of them.

I was happy just to be playing around, one female after another. Why settle for one when you could have a taste of many?

"No. I didn’t." I winked at her as I took another bun from the plastic pouch she gave me earlier and took a bite.

She breathed relief, and I knew what it meant, but I just ignored it. "Maybe your mate is still not 18."

"Maybe." It didn’t slip my eyes the way her eyes sparkled the moment I agreed to her words.

Shaila was only twelve, but I knew she had been crushing on me since, I fucking had no idea when. Probably when she first saw me.

To be honest, I didn’t care. I was used to the attention given by the opposite sex.

I’m the Gamma’s son, soon to be the Gamma of the Pack, if and if only — Caspian, the future Alpha of the Blue Meadows Pack, would choose me to be his Gamma. which I was certainly sure he would because I was hell-bent on proving that I was fit for the position.


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