Roman UNDER THE MOONLIGHT chapitre Chapitre 4


"It’s okay. I’ve seen naked females, Shaila." Fuck me now! Why did I say that? I just wanted her to feel comfortable around me, even if she was naked, but it came out so wrong.

It was my fault in the first place that she ran away. If I didn’t look mesmerized by her naked body, she wouldn’t probably react the way she did.

But she caught me off guard. I saw her at the exact moment she shifted. Her naked breasts and pink pussy were just in my sight before she sat down on the ground and pulled her knees against her chest, and the way she was positioned, her pussy was fucking too visible in my wolf’s eyes.

And then her hand reached for me, making her breasts jiggle as she rubbed my fur.

I’m a fucking man, a hormonal one, and her innocence was drawing me in as no other younger female had.

"I know. That’s why it’s embarrassing. I know I could never be on par with them. Do you think you can find some clothes nearby?"

I knew there were clothes nearby. We usually leave shirts everywhere around the forest ground in case of emergencies, but... I think there was nothing around here tonight.

"No. Not around here. Come out. I promise I won’t stare."

"Are you naked too?"

"Yes. Very naked. Do you want me to put some leaves around my dick? I just don’t know if I can find a leaf big enough to cover it though." I was hoping joking would loosen her a bit.

I heard her giggle from behind the tree before her head peeked out from behind it. She has a big smile on her lips, and I couldn’t help but mirror her smile. Her eyes darted to my dick and I swear, my dick twitched as it grew harder.

"If I look at it now, I’ll probably be more comfortable and won’t bother with it." She said shyly as she let her eyes linger on my growing dick. She licked her lips and swallowed hard, and I just watched her take in all of me.

"Come out from the tree. If I see you naked, then soon you won’t be bothered with it." I knew I was trying to use her words against her, but truth be told, I was dying to have one more glimpse of her.

She tilted her head and shook her head. Her face returned with a worried expression.

"I won’t stare, I promise." I raised my hands up in the air, trying not to smile so she could see I was serious and to make her comfortable.

I saw her drag her hair over her shoulders, and I knew she was trying to cover her breasts with them before she stepped out behind the tree, her hands cupping her core. Despite being slightly covered, my fucking dick betrayed me and saluted her right away.

She was fucking perfect. And I’ve had my fair share of naked females.

She was skinny but not too skinny, and although her figure was not the hourglass-like I wanted with the females I fucked, she was far more attractive than all of them combined. She has a perfect curve for her small frame, and the roundness of her breasts at the sides was making me salivate. I wanted her breasts in my mouth.

I’m finally convinced I’m a fucking pervert now.

I shook my head, trying to take away all the naughty thoughts I had of her. Not Shaila. I couldn’t just go fuck her and leave her hanging.

Her smile faded the moment I shook my head as her eyes watered. What the fuck happened? Did she feel so bad showing me her body?

"I’m ugly, right? Not up to your standard?"

"No. What the fuck gave you that idea?"

"I want to go home now," she said.

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