Roman Wagered To The Cold Hearted Alpha King chapitre Chapitre 2

“I was winning, I was winning against every single man at that table, and..." he paused and held my gaze.

"And what, Father?" I asked, panicked.

"I challenged all the men in the room, but I didn't know that their Alpha was present," he announced, and Clara gasped, "Alpha Ethan was there?" she asked, and he nodded.

"What happened, Father? What happened?" I asked, feeling restless.

"He challenged me to a game and used his mansion as a wager," Father spoke, and I widened my eyes and looked at Mother, who was crying, and then I understood what was happening. "Father, you used this house as a wager and lost the bet?" I asked in anger and stood to my feet. "How could you, Father? How could you do this? Where do we go from here?" I yelled in pain, but Dad's next words seized my voice in my throat.

"I didn't wager the house, but I used you," he announced, making me dumbfounded.

"What!" Nora, my wolf, yelled, while I remained numb, hoping that what I had just heard was wrong.

"Tell me you are joking, Father," I said, but he shook his head. "I'm so sorry, Zoey. I was winning; I thought luck was finally by my side. I never knew it was going to be a disaster," he pleaded and tried to touch me, but I pulled away.

“Don't you dare touch me, father!" I yelled. "And I don't care what you have done or who you made that silly bet with, but I won't agree to it. You have no right to wager me. I'm a human being, not a thing." I yelled and tried to walk away, but Mother stopped me, tears streaming down her cheek.

"Zoey, your father didn't make a bet with an ordinary man. Alpha Ethan is not someone to joke with," Mother pleaded, while I scoffed with anger.

"And so what, Mother? I don't care. What are you even saying, Mother?" I asked with burning anger. "That I should accept my fate and go to this man? What if he kills me or makes me his sex slave?" I yelled, and no one replied.

"This is ridiculous," I scoffed and stormed up the stairs.


I struggled to regain full consciousness as I heard strange voices surrounding me. With great effort, I forced my eyes open and took in the sight of the people in the room. Sitting on the bed and flashing a relieved smile at me was an unfamiliar woman who appeared to be in her forties.

"You are finally awake," she spoke with a warm smile while I slowly sat up, scanning the room and meeting the gazes of the two women who stood beside her.

With a confused gaze, I moved my eyes around and realized I was in a strange room and I couldn't remember how I got there.

I moved my gaze back to the woman and then to the young ladies who stood beside her. By their looks, they didn't seem like spirits or angels, rather they looked like humans.

With furrowed eyebrows, I remembered jumping off a cliff, which should mean I should be dead, but by the looks of things, something was strange.

"Calm down, you are safe here," the woman assured me. Just as I was about to ask her how I got here, I noticed the door opening, which forced my gaze towards it.

I watched a man walk in, a familiar man, and I blinked repeatedly to recall where I had met him. Then, realization hit me. He was the man I saw in the forest, but why is he here?

"I see that you are awake," he spoke as he made his way towards me, while I stared at him with furrowed eyebrows, wondering who he is.

By the way he dressed, I suspected he was royalty. Rings filled his fingers, and he was dressed in traditional attire worn by royalty when they go out for official outings.

"How did I get here?" I threw the question at the man who stood by my side and remained silent, causing me to feel uneasy.

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