Roman Wagered To The Cold Hearted Alpha King chapitre Chapitre 5

Zoey's POV

"My hand in marriage?" I asked, and King Adrian nodded. "Beta Austin has two daughters from his late mate, but he desperately needs a son. He wants to marry you and make you his mate because he believes you can give him enough male children," King Adrian spoke firmly, while I scoffed and held the gaze of the Beta.

“You wish to marry me?” I asked, and he nodded. I scoffed and shook my head. "What do you know about me?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"A lot," he responded and I gestured for him to go on. "I know that you are a single mother of a four-year-old son, and I also know that you have an incredible gift of healing. I've also heard that you are skilled in combat," he spoke proudly, causing me to scoff and shake my head. "Is that all you know about me?" I asked, but he shook his head. "I also know that you have rejected suitors, but..."

"That is what I wanted to hear," I said while getting to my feet. "That's the word right there, Beta Austin . That's the word I wanted to hear from you. If you know me too well, then you will know that I have rejected so many suitors. So, what makes you think that your case will be different?" I asked, and he didn't give a response.

"With all due respect, Beta Austin, I have to reject your proposal," I announced, and murmurs rose among them, but I didn't care. "I love my single life, and I would rather not be tied to any man because you men…" I paused and took a deep breath to control my emotions.

With a soft sigh, I turned to Lord Adrian, who had an expressionless look on his face. “Permission to leave,” I said and gestured for Jaya to come to me, which he did. "I'll take my leave now. Have a safe journey back home," I bid them goodbye and walked out of the throne room.

"Mother, why don't you agree to marry him?" Jaya asked, stopping my steps. "He could become my father if you marry him," Jaya grumbled, causing a frown to appear on my face. But I wiped it away and squatted before him. With a warm smile, I cupped his cheeks with my hands and stared into his eyes, those eyes that remind me of a certain someone.

"You have me, so why do you need a father?" I asked, and a frown appeared on his face, but I continued. "Besides, you have Uncle Adrian. Why do you need a father?” I asked.

"Because King Adrian is not his father," Queen Lali spoke from behind me.

With a soft sigh, I placed a kiss on Jaya's forehead before saying, "Go watch a movie. I'll be with you shortly," I told Jaya, and he nodded before leaving.

I stood to my feet and watched him go away before turning to hold Queen Lali's gaze. "Queen Lali, is there a problem?" I asked, even though I knew the answer.

Queen Lali has never liked me since I came to the palace. At first, she thought King Adrian, her husband, brought me here to be his lover. But I thought that by now, she would know that there's nothing going on between us.

“My problem is, when will you leave this palace?" she asked with hate in her voice. "Beta Austin is the fourth suitor who has come to ask for your hand in marriage, and you have refused them for no good reason. They even promised to marry your son and give him their names, and what did you do? You rejected them for reasons known only to you," she snapped angrily.

"I don't need a man," I snapped back.

"Oh, please, stop it. Every woman needs a man in her life. It defines our existence..."

"Your existence, not mine," I cut her off and took a step closer. "I know you don't like me and my boy for reasons known only to you, but I won't get married just because you want me to leave," I asserted firmly, watching her growl and reveal two fangs.

"I know what your plans are. You have eyes for the king, but it will never happen. I will..."

"Stop being ridiculous, Queen Lali," I snapped.

"King Adrian is like an older brother to me, and I believe he sees me that way. So stop building thoughts in your head," I said, not waiting for a response. I turned and left, fuming with anger.

"She is a bitch," Nora cursed, while a heavy sigh escaped my lips.

I reached my room and sat on the couch, with thoughts buzzing in my head. "I think I will have to leave," I grumbled, and Nora agreed. "I agree with your suggestion, but you have to tell King Adrian after his birthday celebration," she suggested, and I nodded with a sigh, closing my eyes.

A knock on the door made me open my eyes, gesturing for the person to come in. The door opened, and Vera, my assistant, walked in with a file in her hand. "New supplies just arrived at the bakery, so your signature is needed," she said, handing me the file. I went through it before signing it.

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